October 20, 2017 - Fort Myers - MrExcel Registration

July 28, 2017 - Naples - MrExcel Registration

May 19, 2017 - Sarasota - MrExcel Registration

Testimonials for MrExcel from past IMA events

I love excel and have attended many seminars on the topic. I usually walk away with 2-3 good tips. This seminar was filled with useful tricks. One of the best ever. - Fort Myers, October 2015

Mr. Jelen had the most entertaining, educational seminar I've ever attended. Usually, seminars tend to make folks nod off. This seminar, with its smaller class size and the dynamic Bill Jelen kept folks fully engaged. What a great value, too...CPEs, lunch and a great book(s)! Thank you, Mr. Jelen and IMA! - Orlando, February 2014

The seminar was packed with valuable information. So many shortcuts/time saving examples that any company who sent someone to the seminar is bound to get an immediate return on their investment - Miami, October 2014

I thought it would have been a dry and technical session but the day flew by with Bill's knowledge and use of humor. - Tampa, May 2014

He was an excellent presenter, especially on a subject that is normally boring, but he kept me engaged all day. - Fort Myers, October 2013

One of the very best training seminars I have ever attended. Very well balanced and presented. Lots of great tips for heavy excel users. - Tampa, May 2014

I am a software applications trainer. I knew a lot of what was covered but gain a lot of additional information to help in my presentations. - Jacksonville, February 2015

Very personable speaker, eager to answer all questions. Good examples to follow. Great books for supplementing the program. I would attend other seminars by this speaker. Miami - October 2014

Bill Jelen was an awesome presenter.... totally worth the trip. - Orlando, February 2014

Workshop was great. Picked up quite a few tips to use. Bill was very entertaining while providing valuable information. The morning session was excellent. Fort Myers, October 2013

Mr. Jelen was a very knowledgeable speaker. He was funny and very informative. The class was fast paced, yet he took time to answer questions. A good value! - Orlando, February 2014

The presentation was fantastic! I am a return attendee and I still got my money's worth. - Tampa, May 2014